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About Us
Guerilla announcer on Mexico's Radio Insurgente, circa 2004ClandestineRadio.com is the only online portal dedicated to the study of clandestine and subversive radio - a field where politics, diplomacy, espionage and broadcast media collide. Clandestine broadcasting is a highly effective weapon in the arsenal of psychological warfare, which, when analyzed, can assist observers to cut through the fog of war and ascertain the strength and capabilities of opposition groups as well as actual on-the-ground military strategies. For the casual Web surfer this site may seem exotic and, at times, conspiratorial. Regular and "professional" users, however, will find an intelligence bonanza.

Al Qaeda newscast video, Voice of the Caliphate, circa 2005Launched in 1996 ClandestineRadio.com has developed into a resource regularly used by radio monitors, academics and historians, journalists, and military and intelligence analysts to track psywar developments across the globe. We have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, US News & World Report, and on BBC, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CBC, and numerous international media outlets. Issues of our bi-weekly Clandestine Radio Watch reports are included in the digital archives of the U.S. Library of Congress, and Washington, DC's Newseum, which re-opens in 2006, will feature excerpts of our sound library in its permanent exhibits. Global Crisis Watch, our news podcast, launched in May 2005.

ClandestineRadio.com is a non-partisan and international project headquartered in Washington, DC, and Germany with principal correspondents in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Media inquiries are welcome.

Nick Grace
Washington Managing Editor
CRW Washington Bureau
  Martin Schoech
European Managing Editor
CRW Editor-in-Chief
Richard Lafayette
Managing Editor,
Global Crisis Watch
  Marwan Soliman
Middle East Bureau (Cairo)
Andy Sennitt
  Mitch Land, PhD
Roberto Iglesias
Senior Editor
  Owen Williamson
Senior Editor
Achraf Chaabane
North Africa Bureau (Tunisia)
  Takuya Hirayama
Asia Bureau (Japan)
Robert Petraitis
Baltics Bureau (Lithuania)
  Achep Gunawan
Creative Director
"ClandestineRadio.com is an operation run by people who know what they are doing. Stay tuned to that site."
John Batchelor
ABC Radio Network, 2005
"ClandestineRadio.com has played a key role in drawing the attention of the British political establishment to the hate broadcasts of Al-Tajdeed Radio, which are produced in London."
Andy Sennitt
Radio Netherlands Media Network, 2005
"Outstanding both politically and on the radio side..."
Luis Moreno
Deputy Chief of Mission
U.S. Embassy, Haiti
"I first heard of ClandestineRadio.com... in conjunction with a report of US intel assets in Turkmenistan."
U.S. Military Intelligence Analyst during Operation Enduring Freedom, 2001
"(A) private Web site used by US intelligence that specializes in... analysis of opposition radio stations around the world."
The Boston Globe, 2003
"Clandestineradio.com is really amazing... You guys are amongst the only people in the open source environment taking real primary information, validating it, and coming up with good analysis. Unlike the closed source community, you have no political or bureaucratic filter - so your analyses are good."
Michael Knights
Military Fellow
Washington Institute for Near East Policy
"Info posted (here) has proven useful in the past."
Simon Davies
Information Officer
United Nations
"Respected news site about secret radio."
BBC News, 2001
"One of the best sources of information on the Internet..."
The Independent, 1998
"Clandestineradio.com... has broken some fascinating tales of the US... psychological operations campaign against Saddam Hussein."
Newsday, 2003
"You were recommended to us by a couple of sources we find very reliable."
Brooke Gladstone
On the Media
National Public Radio, 2003

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