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Martin Schoech
European Managing Editor


Mr Schoech launched Clandestine Radio Watch (CRW) in 1998 to centralize timely and current information related to opposition and subversive media. His eye for detail and content as well as editorial consistency quickly placed the publication as a "must read" for broadcasters, journalists, intelligence professionals and serious radio monitors. Within months of its first issue, CRW was sourced within an article filed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The U.S. Library of Congress further distinguished the publication by including it in the library's digital archives during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Mr Schoech's expertise in clandestine broadcasting is more personal than any other specialist of the subject in the world. He grew up in East Germany, which was at the heart of a major propaganda and clandestine radio war between the two superpowers during the Cold War. His experience of living without a free press and political opposition lends him tremendous insight and credibility into conflicts and media disputes around the world.

A strong proponent of free speech, Mr Schoech is also an influential force within the "free radio" movement in Europe. He runs the Swedish Radio Service (SRS) office in Germany and was co-editor for its widely-read news publication, SRSNews.

Mr Schoech is a doctoral candidate in chemistry at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg in Merseburg, Germany, where he is developing new biodegradable bone cement for medical purposes. He lives in Eisenach, Germany, with his family.

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