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Six Minutes to Freedom
More Evidence Tying Israel to VOSA
Direction-finding and audio mixing products tie the anti-Tehran Voice of Southern Azerbaijan to Israel, whose Rashet Bet program can be heard under the clandestine broadcasts.
National Accord Stations Resume Against Iraq
The Iraqi National Accord has resumed the opposition broadcasts of its two stations against the regime in Baghdad. The broadcasts, sources indicate, were made from U.S. military planes.
Angola's VORGAN Signs Off
On the eve of April 2, Radio VORGAN broadcast its last transmission: an extended program to mark the occasion and offer hope that the recent political developments in Angola will bring an end to the two decade old civil war.
 Radio Free Iran?
The White House is publicly distancing itself away from a "Radio Free Iran" initiative as U.S. Congress struggles to develop a plan to encourage democracy.
 Statement by the White House Press Secretary 
 Deutsche Welle's Radio Free Yugoslavia: a Possibility 


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