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Six Minutes to Freedom
Pentagon Releases Photos of Kabul Radio Station
By Nick Grace
October 12, 2001

Newly released photos of a radio station in Kabul that was bombed by the United States were released by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) on Thursday, October 11. Although DOD officials could not confirm if the station was the Voice of Shari'a or a military radio station news reports from sources in Kabul indicate that it is likely Shari'a.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Henry P. Osman, Director of the Operational Plans and Joint Force Development, Joint Staff, presented the photos to journalists on October 11 and pointed that "the two control buildings for the station have been damaged."

"Q: General, you said that you hit a radio station. I'm wondering, is that a military radio station, or is that a civilian radio station? If it's a civilian radio station, don't you run up against international law?

"Osman: ...We have tried very hard to ensure that all of our targeting is against military targets, against al Qaeda, against the Taliban regime, and trying to minimize as much as possible collateral damage. Our targeting has been against as much as possible military targets. That's been our intent.

"Q: Was it a military radio station, or was that Voice of Shari'a radio station -- the Taliban's official radio?

"Osman: I can't answer that question for sure, other than what our policy has been with regards to bombing."

The Voice of Shari'a in Kabul was last monitored by Takuya Hirayama and BBC Monitoring on October 8 when it was briefly jammed. The station disappeared from the airwaves at 1609 GMT.

Psyops programming, according to various press agencies, is now being broadcast on a former Shari'a frequency. The Voice of Shari'a previously used 657, 1107, and 7084v kHz. The station has not been heard, however, by professional monitors.
Voice of Shari'a (Voice of Islamic Law)
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