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Six Minutes to Freedom
Air Strikes Hit "Radio Masts"
October 11, 2001

On 10 and 11 October BBC Monitoring has not monitored reports of further strikes on broadcasting transmitters or facilities in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based satellite TV channel, at 1556 gmt on 9 October carried a report on air raids that evening in Kabul. The Al- Jazeera correspondent in Kabul said, among other things: "We can hear explosions in north-east Kabul. By the way, the masts of the Afghan radio station there were bombed yesterday [Monday 8 October, when Radio Voice of Shari'ah from Kabul was last heard by BBC Monitoring]."

In earlier reports, the Peshawar-based Afghan Islamic Press news agency, which has close links to the Taleban, reported on 8 October at 1750 gmt that in the second wave of US air attacks on Kabul, a hill on which a TV transmitter is located, known as Asmaii Mountain, was "bombarded".

Balkh radio
Although the Kabul-based broadcaster appears to be off the air, Radio Voice of Shari'ah of Balkh Province - the provincial radio station based in the northern city of Mazar-e Sharif - continues to be observed on 1584 kHz mediumwave. It was heard from sign-on at 0230 gmt on 11 October.

The following are the verses of a patriotic song in Uzbek about Afghanistan played on Radio Voice of Shari'ah of Balkh Province in the 0415 gmt radio bulletin in Uzbek on 11 October:

You are my heart,
you are my soul,
You are the place of my ancestors,
You are my father, friend, my motherland,
Afghanistan, Afghanistan.

Your mountains have gardens,
When spring comes they are full of tulips,
Your stones are precious,
Afghanistan, Afghanistan.

You are my heart, you are my soul,
You are the place of my ancestors,
You are my motherland where I was born,
Afghanistan, Afghanistan.

My motherland, you are sacred to me,
Nothing can replace you,
You are kind to me as my grandpa,
Afghanistan, Afghanistan.

Radio Voice of Shari'ah of Balkh Province at 1330 gmt on 11 October broadcast a bulletin which contained the following reports:

1. The governor of Balkh Province who had gone to the capital on an official visit returned to Mazar-e Sharif today and was welcomed by some officials at the airport. He held a meeting with officials afterwards.

2. The deputy governor of Balkh Province held talks with a military official from Takhar Province today and gave him advice for the better performance of his duty.

3. A meeting of Balkh Province's districts educational officials was held today and the duties of the officials was identified in the current situation.

4. A meeting of elders and religious scholars of a district in Jowzjan Province was held today and the participants condemned the US attacks on Afghanistan.

5. Elders and ulema of Charbolak District held a meeting today and denounced the US strikes and examined the problems of people at the meeting.

After announcements, the radio broadcast a commentary saying that the US strikes on civilian hospitals and institutes have proved that the USA is the enemy of Islam. The commentary lists the civilian areas and places which have been hit by the USA and warns it to get ready for war.

(BBCM via DXLD 01-146)
Voice of Shari'a (Voice of Islamic Law)
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