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Six Minutes to Freedom
WHRA Cancels Nigerian Clandestines
November 26, 1998

Joe Brashier tells Cumbre DX that LeSea broadcasting canceled the contract of the various Nigerian programs they were carrying (i.e. Ogene Ndigbo Radio, Voice of Oduduwa) on WHRA in October.
(DIRECT Johnson Cumbre DX Nov 11)

Wow, how is that for the rapid rise and fall of the Nigerian clandestines. The above via WHRA never had a chance, trying to pay for airtime by asking for donations. Perhaps they will come back elsewhere, but they won't last long anywhere until they get proper financing- the problem that has plagued many a Nigerian operation. We have now gone from seven stations/programs just a few months ago to just one--Radio Kudirat, which apparently stays alive thanks to grant money.
(Johnson-USA Nov 11 via CDX 216)
Ogene Ndigbo Radio
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