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Six Minutes to Freedom
New Satellite Station Roj TV Testing
February 22, 2004

Text of report by German-based Kurdish newspaper Ozgur Politika web site on 22 February

The Kurds have established a new television - Roj TV. At present, only the logo of the new television Roj TV is on the screen.

The station's officials said that they would start test broadcasts on 25 February.

Roj TV, whose launch will be on 1 March, started its test broadcasts with the slogan "Le benda me bin" (wait for us).

It was reported that Roj TV, which will broadcast between 1400 and 2400 Turkish local time [1200-2200 gmt], will be mostly in Kurdish.

In order to see Roj TV: Hot Bird 6 13 degrees east, frequency 11585 [MHz] vertical, symbol rate 27500.

[The Kurdish Media web site (www.kurdishmedia.com) reported on 25 February: "The new Kurdish television channel Roj TV has begun broadcasting. It is now broadcasting from Denmark at: Roj TV satellite station Hot Bird 6 (13 E), 11585 V, 27500 and [FEC] 3/4.

"The Roj TV emerged after the French authorities closed down Medya TV which was broadcasting from outside Brussels. Medya TV started after the British authorities closed down Med TV in London."]

Source: Ozgur Politika web site, Neu-Isenburg, in Turkish 22 Feb 04 (BBCM Feb 22, 2004)
Medya TV
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