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Six Minutes to Freedom
Rebels' Secret TV Station Operates in Chechnya
May 16, 2004

Text of report by Chechen news agency Daymohk web site

16 May: An underground television station is continuing to operate in Chechnya. People know well the TV channels and radio frequencies used by the information service of the Resistance forces.

The occupiers located one of the mini TV transmitters in a target "clearance" operation in Gudermesskiy District a few days ago. A source from the puppet Interior Ministry told a Moskovskiy Komsomolets correspondent that the transmitter "was disguised as a VCR", which is not true. The source also believes that such transmitters have limited capacity: "If the house is on a hill, they can broadcast only to 10 km in one direction. But if the house is in the lowlands, the equipment can operate within one village."

In fact, the broadcasting capacity of the mini-transmitters is two or three times higher, and the landscape has no impact on the quality of broadcasts. The entire area of occupied Chechnya covers a little more than 100 km in all directions. People both in Chechnya and in neighbouring republics watch and look forward to programmes of the underground TV station, particularly speeches by [rebel] President Aslan Maskhadov.

Source: Daymohk news agency web site, Baku, in Russian 17 May 04 (BBCM May 17, 2004)
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