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Six Minutes to Freedom
Laos Blasts Radio Free Asia for Fabrication
March 2, 2005

Article originally posted at: http://www.vnagency.com.vn/NewsA.asp?LANGUAGE_ID=2&CATEGORY_ID=33&NEWS_ID=140936

Vietnam News Agency

Vientiane (VNA) - The Lao People's Democratic Republic has criticized Radio Free Asia for its Feb.11 allegation that a number of Thai business people travelled to Huoisai hamlet of Bokeo province in northern Laos to ask local leaders for the purchase of phosphorous at a cost of 700 baht per kilo.

The denunciation was made in a statement issued by the press department of the Lao foreign ministry, which was carried by Pasason, Pathet Lao and Vientiane May newspapers on March 2.

"There are no Thai business people who have come to Laos to purchase phosphorous," the statement said. "There are no makers and traders of phophorous, which is one of the chemicals placed under tight control of the country's ministry of trade."

"The false accusation by Radio Free Asia aims to sabotage Laos's prestige and reputation," the statement stressed.
(VNA Mar 1 via Grace-USA)
Radio Free Asia
Radio Free Asia (RFA) is an overt surrogate broadcast outlet funded by the U.S. Government and supervised by the bipartisan Broadcasting Board of Governors. The station was launched in 1996 and broadcasts in Mandarin Chinese, Tibetan, English, Viet, Burmese, Cambodian, and Uyghur.
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