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Six Minutes to Freedom
Puntland - Authorities Threaten Ban on BBC FM Relay
March 19, 2005

Text of report by Somali Puntland-based Radio Midnimo on 19 March

Students, elders and other citizens have participated in a demonstration organized by Bari regional administration and Information Ministry [of the regional administration of Puntland] The demonstrators were addressed at the local government's hall by Information Assistant Minister Bakiin, Deputy Police Commander Abdi-aziz Sa'id Ga'amey, Bari Region chairman Yusuf Muhammad Waceys, Boosaaso Mayor Rooble Umar Gudur and other officials.

They criticized the Speaker of the federal transitional parliament of Somalia, Sharif Hasan, and said he is someone who cannot take responsibilities and that he was responsible for the problem that erupted at the parliamentary session in Nairobi following the decision he made, which they say was not just.

The leaders also told the demonstrators that BBC is not neutral and that the BBC thrives on confrontation and hostilities among the Somalis clans.

The assistant information minister said they might impose a ban on the FM station relaying BBC Somali service. He also added they will give approval to other international media bodies like Al Jazeera TV, Al-Arabiya and the rest, which he described as neutral.

Recent parliamentary session of Puntland also criticized the BBC Somali Service. Source: Radio Midnimo, Boosaaso, in Somali 1030 gmt 19 Mar 05 (via BBCM via DXLD 5-049)
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