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Six Minutes to Freedom
Zimbabwe: SW Radio Broadcasts Jammed
March 28, 2005

Article originally posted at: Further details: http://www.pambazuka.org/index.php?id=27343

Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe has established that transmissions of SW Radio Africa are being deliberately jammed. Although government has denied jamming SW Radio Africa's broadcasts, a report by the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) revealed that the jamming appears to emanate from Zimbabwe using Chinese equipment at Thornhill in Gweru. According to the IBB report, three jammers are being used to jam the three short wave frequencies used by SW Radio Africa. "One kHz tone is used to jam the broadcasts; and is continued till the transmitters become too hot; then 'noise' is used to avoid over driving the jamming transmitters. ...", says the report.

(pambazuka.org via G.Lessard-USA Mar 28, 2005 in creative-radio-ML)
SW Radio Africa
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