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Six Minutes to Freedom
Iran of Tomorrow Movement Launches Radio Program
By Nick Grace
April 15, 2005

Radio monitors report the appearance of a new opposition program targeting the Iranian regime. Announced as "Seda-ye Jambushi Iran e Farda" in Farsi the program broadcasts daily on 7490 kHz between 1600 and 1645 GMT.

Discovered on April 8 by Danish monitor Finn Krone the station supports the Iran of Tomorrow Movement (IOTM), a new 501c(4) non-profit organization based in California that seeks to build a coalition movement of secular and pro-democracy groups under the "S.O.S. Iran" banner. The group has already launched a 24-hour satellite TV network, XTV, and claims to support a network of over 2,000 resistance cells within Iran.


The group seeks regime change through peaceful means and, according to documents published on its Web site, encourages regular Iranians living under the brutal control of the regime's internal security aparatus to participate in "Thursday Night Black Outs" and "Friday Afternoon Walk Abouts."

Seda-ye Jambushi Iran e Farda
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