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Six Minutes to Freedom
Voice of United and Free Ethiopia Gone?
February 19, 1999

I think this one is dead. Using Nick Grace's Clandestine Radio Web as a starting point, I checked out the web site for the Ethiopian National Congress. This site used to mention the station and even had some excerpts, but neither is found there now. I then dropped a note asking about the station to the email address at the site, but I have never received a reply. I also asked a Cumbreista living in Qatar, Bader Al Bader, to see if he could hear the station. He couldn't, at least not at what I believe would be their winter schedule-Wed and Sun from *1615 on 7570 kHz. There is a promising B98 registration for this frequency though. It's Alma Ata, daily from 1600 to 1730, and including Ethiopia in the target area. There is also the possibility that they are simply on a different schedule altogether. Having said that, my gut tells me that this one is gone (Although I certainly would welcome any information, even if it proves that I am wrong:)
(Johnson-USA via CDX 226)
Radio Voice of United and Free Ethiopia
Active between 1997 and 1999 the backing group of this station remains unknown. Programming was hostile to both the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments and is believed to have been active as the Voice of Ethiopian Patriotism in 1992 and Free Radio Voice of Ethiopian Unity in 1993. In 1999 Voice of the Democratic Path of Ethiopian Unity is believed to have replaced this station.
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