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Six Minutes to Freedom
Al Qaeda Distributes Third Edition of Voice of the Caliphate
By Nick Grace
October 14, 2005

The third edition of Sawt al-Khilafa (Voice of the Caliphate), the "Caliphate Voice Channel," was posted on Octobrer 10 across Islamist message boards by the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), an al Qaeda mouthpiece believed to be in Europe or the Middle East.

The 27-minute video displays better production skills and appears to use the same services as the news anchor who debuted in the second edition. According to open source reporting, he speaks with an Egyptian accent. Missing from the current edition of the video is the machine gun that sat pointed at the camera in earlier programs.

News items include extremely graphic and disturbing footage of the beheading of an Iraqi, developments in Afghanistan, Egypt, and Algeria. At 15:22 the program segues into Islamist chants.

GIMF also posted a call to create the "al Qaeda University for Jihad Subjects," according to a SITE Institute report on October 10, where "jihad subjects" including psychological, electronic, and physical warfare would be taught.

SITE reports: "(T)he advertisement states that 'the students of jihad today are the mujahideen of tomorrow,' as it incites Muslims to action and promises that those who 'graduate' from al Qaeda University apply their knowledge on the ground and teach the 'jihad supporters who are still learning from these heroes, and they will hurt the enemy in the coming days.'"

The group also recently posted requests for video editing and Web production support. With the increased sophistication apparent in the latest Sawt al-Khilafa video it seems that the request was answered.

The latest edition of Sawt al-Khilafa can be downloaded here but please note that it is extremely graphic:
Voice of the Caliphate
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