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Six Minutes to Freedom

Radio Xoriyo

*1630-1659* Tue, Fri 9820 kHz
9820, R Xoriyo, via Juelich, Germany, *1630-1659*, Tu Dec 02, Somali IDs "Radio Xoriyo", Call to prayer, talk often mentioning Somalia, but also Iraq and Al Fatah, Horn of Africa string music, speech and interview held at a school with lively children, a word sounding like "Denmark" was mentioned several times; scheduled Tuesdays and Fridays, ex 15670, 34444. At *1700 a program in Oromo from the Voice of the Oromo Liberation was transmitted, but having a much weaker audio feed.
(A.Petersen-DNK Dec 2, 2003 in DX Window Dec 5 via DXLD 3-218)

Radio Xoriyo
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