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Six Minutes to Freedom

China (PRC)
Sound-of-Hope Radio Network

9680 // 11765, Sound of Hope (Presumed), Mar 19, *1555-1615, on with nice Chinese music and singing, Chinese programming, very strong jamming (Chinese drums and gongs), ToH time clicks (5+1), mostly talking. Poor
(R.Howard-CA-USA Mar 19, 2005 in DXLD 5-048)

[Later:] Jerry Berg wondered if 9680 was correct for the "Sound of Hope" (China). I could clearly hear the jamming being // and it seemed the underlying Chinese was also //, but with that very heavy jamming, I am not positive. It seems that 11765 may be the only correct frequency. The jamming certainly makes it very interesting to ID some of these stations, as they are very effective
(R.Howard-CA-USA Mar 19, 2005 in DXLD 5-048)

9680//11765, Sound of Hope(P). The jamming was certainly // and it seemed possible the underlying CH was also, but can not be positive. Maybe 11765 is the only correct frequency. The jamming really was overwhelming. Very effective! Sounded like a Chinese New Years parade, hi!
(R.Howard-CA-USA Mar 19, 2005 in DXplorer-ML)

Sound-of-Hope Radio Network
Sound-of-Hope Radio Network broadcasts on MW from New York City and on short wave into mainland China, where its programs are jammed. The station is heavily involved in the campaign to encourage defection from the Chinese Communist Party and connects activists across the world through its programs, its Web site and streaming audio - which can bypass mainland firewalls through P2P BitTorrent technology.
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