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Intel: Iraq
Active Clandestine Media: 5
Inactive Clandestine Media: 26
Radio Free Iraq
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Radio Shrara
Assyrian Patriotic Party

Voice of Iraqi People (ICP)
Iraqi Communist Party

Voice of the Democratic Assyrian Movement
Assyrian Democratic Movement

Voice of the Mujahedin
Government of Iran

April 5, 2005
Actors in the Insurgency Are Reluctant TV Stars
March 10, 2005
Terror Confessions on TV Grip Baghdad
February 26, 2005
Iraqi TV Presenter in Mosul Found Dead
May 29, 2004
Iyad Allawi: The 45 Minute WMD Man
April 30, 2004
"Republic of Iraq Radio from Baghdad" Observed on FM
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