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Radio Al Tajdeed (Renewal Radio)

Also known as:
Radio Al Tajdeed is run by the London-based Party for Islamic Renewal, a Saudi exile group sympathetic with and widely believed to be tied to the Saudi branch of al Qaeda. The satellite radio program and the group's Internet campaign incite violence against non-Muslims, promote Holocaust denial, and publicize videos of the murder and beheadings of non-Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. In May 2005 its studios were raided by British authorities during a live broadcast.
Tajdeed (Party for Islamic Renewal - PIR), an Islamic extremist group based in London that is sympathetic with and widely believed to have extensive ties to Usama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda branch in Saudi Arabia. Tajdeed is directed by Dr. Muhammad al-Masari, who has headed numerous shadowy groups, including the Denver-based Action Committee for the Rights of Middle East Minorities, which was linked to 1998 East Africa bombing co-conspirator Khalid Fawwaz, and the Global Jihad Fund, which armed and trained terrorists in Europe to spread Jihad across the world in support of al Qaeda. Radio Al Tajdeed and the PIR's Internet campaign incite violence and publicize video and audio of the beheadings and murder of non-Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
Eutelsat Hotbird 6 satellite via London, UK. The program rents commercial airtime through Belgium-based TDP.
(Arabic) Sawt al-Tajdeed.
February 1, 2004 - present
BM Box: TAJDEED, London; WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom
Tel: (+44) 208-908 4881
Fax: (+44) 208-908-2093
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Radio Al Tajdeed
Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights in Saudia Arabia
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