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Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan

Also known as:
Since first appearing in 1968 the station's transmitter location has shifted along with the Kurdish Democratic Party's benefactors. It broadcast with the support of Iran in the 1970's and 80's and at one point even used Soviet transmitters in Azerbaijan. It ultimately became established in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq, under the protection of the UN No Fly Zone enforced after the Gulf War in 1991.
Based in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, USSR during the 1980's
Kurdish, Arabic
(Kurdish) Aira dangi Kurdistana Iraqiyah
(Arabic) Sawt-o Kurdistani Iraqa
1980-present when Iran-Iraq war resumed.
March 1974 - March 6, 1975 after Iran-Iraq peace treaty & Iran cut funds to the KDP.
November 1968 - March 24, 1970 when ceasfire signed with Iraqi government.
September 10, 1965 - May 25, 1966
KDP, 2025 I St, NW # 1108, Washington, DC 20006, USA
Tel: +(202) 331 9505 Fax: +(202) 331 9506
KDP Press Office, PO Box 4912, London SE15 4EW, UK
Tel +44-171-931-7764 Fax +44-171-931-7765
Alex Atroushi, e-mail: atushi@iname.com
e-mail: 101564.3336@compuserve.com
e-mail: 101701.153@compuserve.com
February 9, 2005
Kurdish Radio Available on the Internet
February 7, 2005
Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan Observed on New Mediumwave, Shortwave Frequencies
February 5, 2005
Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan Observed on Satellite
January 7, 1999
Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan
May 1, 1992
Indigenous TV Stations Launch in Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurdish Democratic Party
KDP Information Department
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