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New Star Broadcasting Station

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Presumed to be operated by Republic of China intel. The nature of the station remains a mystery, however, it is believed to be a spy station that broadcasts series of coded numbers on a set schedule. There is speculation that it might be a black PSYOP effort by Taiwan to convince Beijing that mainland China has been infiltrated by pro-Taiwan spies.
Taipei (ROC), according to announcements during broadcasts. Extensive monitoring over the years confirms this. During a major earthquake on Taiwan on September 21, 1999, for example, the station did not appear per its regular schedule. G.L. Naj of India received a confirmation card of his reception of the station in February 2003 from the Central Broadcasting System. According to the card the program is categorized as a World Health Organization service. Wendel Craighead also received confirmation from CBS in March 2003.
Mandarin Chinese
(Mandarin) Zheli shi Xin Xing Guangbo Diantai, di yi tai / di er tai / di san tai (first / second / third)
1970's? - present
Central Broadcasting System, P.O. Box 24-38 Taipei, Republic of China
Fax: 886-2-2886-2294
e-mail: cbs@cbs.org.tw
April 28, 1998
New Star Broadcasting Station Based in Taiwan?
New Star Broadcasting Station (unofficial) Observations from Hans van de Boogert.
Central Broadcasting System
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