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Sowt Alamel (Voice of Hope)

Also known as: Sowt Libya (Voice of Libya)
Sowt Alamel (Voice of Hope) originally began as Sowt Libya (Voice of Libya). It was launched shortly after a June 2005 conference of seven Libyan opposition groups in London. Programming initially launched on satellite in September 2005 but was jammed off the air by the Libyan regime. Returned to the airwaves in January 2006 on short wave and also suffered from intense jamming.
January 25, 2006
Libya's Sowt Alamel Returns Despite Qaddafi's Attacks (updated)
December 5, 2005
Libya Jams Western Broadasts
December 4, 2005
Libya Engages in Jamming War
December 3, 2005
Protest to Libya after satellites jammed
September 26, 2005
Voice of Libya in Exile Targets Qaddafi
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